Your on-line presence is critical. It’s how you engage with new customers and how you keep existing customers updated. The better your on-line customer experience is, the longer they will stay engaged with you. So what’s the best way to keep them engaged? Tell them a story.

Using a video is a great way to tell a compelling story. The founding of your business is a story. Employee profiles are a story. Customer experiences are stories. New product development is a story. You get the idea. And doing these kind of videos bridges the gap between what may feel like just another company to connecting customers to actual people with whom they can identify on a personal level. That means better engagement and more loyal customers.

Here are a few examples of how some of our clients have leveraged the power of using video to tell a story.

DFS Allentown

Creative Cat

DW Distribution

Walden-100 Year Centennial

Dallas Neurosurgery and Spine

Catholic Foundation

David and Kathryn Seay are video producers based in Dallas / Fort Worth

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