How much does a video cost? A simple question deserves a simple answer – we wish there was one. If you’ve ever been house hunting, that should give you some perspective. How much does a house cost? Well, how large a house do you want? How many bathrooms? Bedrooms? Marble or laminate countertops? What size garage? Corner lot or high rise? etc. etc. Same thing with video pricing. Therefore we price each one of our projects individually, taking into account our clients’ budget, special needs, and particular parameters.

Here are some examples of common variables that affect the price of a video:

  • The length of the video.
  • The number of days of shooting.
  • The locations of the shoots – local, out of town, or in a studio.
  • Is a teleprompter needed?
  • Will there be more than one person speaking on camera?
  • Will actors or a spokesperson be needed?
  • Will there be a voice-over?
  • Do you need 3-d animation or modeling?
  • Will slides or PPT be incorporated into the video?
  • Will you need stock footage or photos?
  • What type of music do you want?
  • When is the due date?
  • Will the video need to be translated?
  • Do you want multiple versions of the finished video?

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