Creative excellence, impeccable service, unquestionable integrity, timely communications, and extraordinary value are what we continually get from Kathryn and David. As a creative director, as well as someone with budget and schedule responsibility, I couldn’t be more delighted.

We recently put our well-earned faith in them to deliver on one of our most important business initiatives of the year. It included five documentary-style videos in four locations around the country and they far exceeded our already high expectations.

In my more than thirty years of experience, no other company has delivered like they have.

John Moody

Creative Director, Shoreview, MN, DFS - The Road Less Traveled


“We hired David Seay Productions to produce a promotional video for InCare Adult Day Health Services in Columbus, Ohio because I was impressed with the work they had produced with past clients. We found David and Kathryn to be very compassionate and understanding of the work we do. Their combined talents and expertise along with their dedication, creativity and reliability, made the entire video process easy and enjoyable for us all. The on-site shooting was very efficient and without disruption of daily care to our clients, which is extremely important to our business. As a budget conscious non- profit organization they also took special care to deliver our video within our budget. David Seay Productions produced our video in a timely manner, finishing it prior to our deadline, and the quality of their work exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend David Seay Productions and would absolutely hire them again!”

Renee Keels

Community Relations Coordinator, InCare Adult Day Care, Columbus, Ohio

“Words can’t express the deep appreciation and sincere gratitude we feel for all you did to make the new CHAI video a reality. Our residents have a wonderful story to tell and this artful piece delivers that story so clearly and eloquently. The extra time, effort and special care that went into this project by each of the incredible professionals you brought in is evident in the caliber of work that resulted. CHAI, it’s residents, Board and staff are forever indebted.”

Florence Kramer

President, CHAI


“This is the second time I’ve used David Seay Productions to create a video for an emerging product. It was a great choice on my part and here’s why – they can take a concept that is not fully baked and turn it into a message that clients would pay attention to. The professionalism we always experience with David Seay Productions starts at the storyboarding level and continues through the shoot on location, the editing and mixing of content and graphics, and the endless iterations that we customers put them through. David Seay Productions has seen it all before and coaches us through a process that delivers a product that we can be proud of and a relationship that we will continue.”

Clyde Rupert

Project Manager, Intermec Company


“On behalf of our Board, staff and many AVANCE families, a huge thank you for making our AVANCE-Dallas video. It turned out so beautifully and we will have the opportunity to use this highly professional, inspiring piece for several years. Please know that your video will make a big difference to our Dallas program by making it possible for us to jump up to a new level of communication. It was also wonderful to work with you as you carried out this project with such joy, enthusiasm and creative talent. You guys are great!”

Lisa Oglesgy Rocha

Executive Director, AVANCE-Dallas


David and Kathryn have supported my company for several years, and in my short tenure I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Kathryn and David on two separate video production projects. During both projects, David and Kathryn consistently demonstrated their deep knowledge in video creation, including storyboarding, scripting, directing, location management, and post-production work that enabled me to have outstanding final product. David and Kathryn are an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with them on many future projects for our business.

David Barclay

Director, Global Marketing, Tidel


David & Kathryn are absolutely tremendous at what they do. I have used David Seay Productions on several occasions and they have never been anything but clutch for me and my clients. One example is we had a very challenging job that had many moving parts and pieces, which made getting the production we envisioned a difficult proposition. However thanks to David and Kathryn’s smarts, skills, and professionalism, we not only got what we needed, but the results were better than we could of imagined.  In this day and age it is so hard to find classy, caring professionals who are great at what they do- but I know in this instance they truly exist!

Max Perilstein

Managing Partner, Sole Source Consultants LLC


“DPRI’s goal was to have a marketing/fundraising video to promote the concept and benefits of Drug Prevention Resources. Our organization’s administrative office is located in one city and our other programs and services are located in other cities and we wanted to capture the essence of each of the various environments in the most efficient and time effect manner without disruption to the daily programs.

First, after several initial conversations with Kathryn we were presented with a very detail proposal that addressed the issues and high points to meet our goals. After accepting the proposal we were provided with a schedule of when, where and the time needed for each shoot. We were also assisted in the creation of the script that would be used in order to prepare individuals for their on-site shoots. Needless to say the daily shoots were done in an organized and professional manner that was enjoyed by all.

I was very impressed with David and Kathryn’s organizational and interpersonal skills with working with the various communities in which the video shoots took place. They were always working to create a comfortable environment for those involved while capturing the right background and sequencing of events needed to reflect the essence of the concepts being presented.

I would highly recommend this company for their creativity, compassion and dedication to ensuring that they are meeting the client’s needs. We truly enjoyed our experience in working with David and Kathryn and the video produced exceeded our expectations.  We would not hesitate to hire them again!”

Mavis Y. Lloyd

President/CEO, Drug Prevention Resources, Inc.


“The Main Idea, a 10-day residential camp for girls of low-income families, first began working with David Seay Productions in 2007 when looking to re-do our promotional video. Kathryn and Dave visited the camp and quickly developed a script that highlighted both the uniqueness and warmth of the program. Once shooting began they worked in an efficient and timely manner and remained flexible and energetic throughout – always willing to do whatever it took to get the perfect shot. When the editing process began, Kathryn and Dave remained receptive to all feedback and ultimately produced a beautiful piece that fully captures the essence of our program.

In August 2009, The Main Idea again hired David Seay Productions to update the 2007 video. They had assured us it would be no problem to update the video when needed and this proved to be the case. We were again delighted by their professionalism, affordability, ability to connect with their subjects, and willingness to go that extra mile. It was no surprise that again we were extremely satisfied with the final product.

The Main Idea has enjoyed a truly positive experience working with David Seay Productions and we look forward to the next update!!”

Lindsey Ehrenwerth

Co-Director, The Main Idea at Camp Walden, Denmark, Maine

“Thanks for all your hard work on the video for our ‘Whole Different Animal’ campaign. You were key in the successful implementation of this program and there is no question that we changed the rules and shook up the market! Thanks for your valuable contribution and we look forward to the next project.

Curt Barker

Vice President of Sales, Elk Corporation

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