As business owners, we share a common task – how to re-invent ourselves in the new reality of 2020.  The transition from what was then to what is now affects your customers, employees, vendors, and the public.

For us, the mission remains the same – creating compelling videos to drive company branding.  But now, our approach is somewhat different.


LOCATION AND STUDIO SHOOTING is being kept to a minimum.  When we do shoot, we will use the accepted social distancing guidelines that include little to no physical contact.  As much as possible, we will shoot outside, we’ll use Zoom for interviews when we can.  We even have people shoot their own videos on their phones which we will edit and color grade here in our studio.

MOTION AND ANIMATION sequences will play a larger role now.  Stock footage, your existing photography and branding elements, as well as footage we’ve already shot for you will be used to create custom videos.

MANY LIVE EVENTS AND MEETINGS are going to be virtual for a while, and yet there are more professional ways to connect large groups of people than just Zoom meetings. We will help you understand all the options and once an approach is determined we can set it up and run it for you.

The need for video and brand marketing hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s more important now than ever.  This new business landscape can be unsettling, but there are new opportunities everywhere, and you should take advantage.

So give us a call and let’s talk about solutions for you.

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