Three Tips for Being Interviewed on Video

Erika (1)

I have to be interviewed on video??!!! I’m not good at that…. I hate that….it scares me to death!!!!

OK, calm down, it’s not as bad as all that. We have coached hundreds people through their first time interviews for years and we haven’t lost a person yet. You have more control of this situation than you might realize. Here are three things to keep in mind to make your interview as pleasant and productive as possible.

YOU ARE THE EXPERT: They are interviewing you because you have expert knowledge or lend some pertinent insight to the story. You will be fluent with the material and it is highly unlikely they would ever ask you anything you don’t know. If they do, then simply say, “I don’t know” and the interviewer will move to the next question.

CONTROL THE MESSAGE: What a reporter or an interviewer wants more than anything else is a perfect soundbite. So give them one. Think about a good strong declarative statement that says what is important. Start out with a good hook, for instance: “It all boils down to this…”, or “At the end of the day…”, or “The only thing that really matters is…”. You get the idea. So before the interview, think of, and practice a short strong summary statement that communicates your position and gives them a great soundbite.


-Ask for the questions ahead of time, but don’t memorize or write out the answers. Just think about them
-You should be comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes – if you’re physically comfortable it will put you more at ease
-You can ask them to re-phrase the question or clarify it

David and Kathryn Seay are video producers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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