All live events have one thing in common:  


And using Live Event Videos will help you do just that. Think of all the conferences you have ever attended. I would be wiling to bet that every one of them wanted you to come away with a new way of thinking. They wanted you to buy into a new employee compensation plan. Or make more sales. Or adopt new technology or products. Or approach your job in a new way. Some did a better job than others. So the question for your event is this: How do I make the most of this time with these people? Well I can tell you that using video is a critically important tool in winning them to your way of thinking. A live event video will crystallize your message with just the right tone and energy. It can be the single most effective way to move your audience to a new way of thinking. Below are several types of videos that work well in a live event venue:



Motivation can mean different things depending on the message and the audience. For some, motivation may mean a heartfelt emotional response that brings a tear to their eyes. For others, it can mean an action driven “Are You Ready For Some Football” kind of thing. It’s important to know your message, know your audience, and know what they will respond to. A well crafted, motivational video will bring the audience to that desired emotional space better than anything else. So if it’s an important meeting (aren’t they all?) then use the best tools possible for your message to be conveyed.


Sometimes the reason for a live event is to communicate important changes to employees’ benefits or pay structure. In this case, the videos need to be clear, concise, and sell the advantages of making the change. As you are well aware, these kind of changes are not always met with open arms, so any help you can get from a well-crafted informational video will help ease any concerns.  

At live event trade shows you may be introducing new products or significant product changes. You may have upgrades for existing customers and prospective customers. At a live event the most important people to your business are all gathered together. Make the most of it by having a Live Event informational video that is precisely on point to win them over.


The world is changing at an exponential rate, and the way we work is also changing rapidly. Using video to train your workforce about new procedures, new equipment, new workflows, etc. is a great way to keep everyone working at peak efficiency.Training videos go a long way in clarifying the methods in people’s minds. Showing these videos to groups at Live Events is a great way to train together. It’s also helpful to have the training videos available on-line after the training session. This way the employees can watch them again if they need a refresher.


Let’s face it, a person can only sit and listen to so many speeches before it turns into white noise. Well executed and interesting support videos played at key saturation points during a Live Event presentation help break up long passages of talking heads and gives the audience a break. Of course these videos should also drive home the message of the conference or event, but in a way that is more subtle. The key is for the audience to have a video that is interesting and entertaining to watch. The bonus is they will also receiving subtle marketing messages.

Live Event Videos are a key element to the success of your conference.

You’ve spent so much time organizing your Live Event – not to mention a lot of money on travel, hotels, food, and entertainment. It’s equally important to think seriously about spending a portion of your budget on one or two videos that will enhance the effectiveness of all that effort and expense.

David and Kathryn Seay are video producers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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