Does your company have a story?  I’ll bet it does.  And a Corporate Documentary video is the way to tell it.

Chances are you probably know some corporate stories already: Apple Computer started out in Steve Job’s garage on a strange homemade wooden contraption. Famous Amos cookies started in his home kitchen where he gave away the cookies for free before finally selling them to the public.

Why is it important to tell your company’s story?  

For one thing, it’s interesting, and people are always hungry for good stories – especially about people they know. It also humanizes your business. When you show the dedication of the founders and how your company was nurtured from something small to where it is today, you are emphasizing the human nature of your business. Even if your company isn’t a huge organization there is a story of how it was made, and most importantly, where it is now.

People buy from companies they know and like, so what can you do to help them know yours better? Produce a Corporate Documentary video that tells your story. Actually seeing the company, meeting the founders, and hearing about their struggles and reasons for starting the business is an opportunity to connect with people and share your company’s mission.  

So what is your story?

Give us a call – we would love to help you tell it.
Kathryn and David Seay are video producers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, but travel all around the country helping businesses tell their story.

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