There is no more important aspect to your company than branding. How you are perceived is directly proportional to how many new customers you get, how much you can charge for your products, and how you are positioned for future growth.

Video is the single best way to shape your brand. You can show off the benefits of your products, you can connect with your customers and prospects in a powerful way, and provide a platform for satisfied customers to tell their stories.

Better branding = better overall company



A video on your website increases your visibility in a Google search by 50 times! So when people start looking for your product or want information about relevant providers in your industry, they look to a web search. Make sure that when they press go, they find you first.

Even if you have a solid base of customers it’s important to rate well on a search. If a journalist is looking for an industry expert for instance, they turn to Google just like the rest of us. If they find you first, chances are pretty good you will be the source and define your company’s place as the industry leader.

Better search engine optimization = better public relations



No one tells your story better than a satisfied customer. Written testimonials are fine, but a real, live, breathing person endorsing your business is the strongest encouragement you can get. It’s a simple, honest, and it works like a charm.

When a prospect can relate to someone who knows you, it’s a short hop to making them a new customer. It’s easy with video, tough with the written word alone.

Good customer testimonials = better new customer adoption

David and Kathryn Seay are video producers with David Seay Productions, an award winning video production company in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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