We are in the process of updating our suite of editing tools to include Adobe Premiere Pro.  After Effects is one of the most useful compositing tool available and it dovetails perfectly with premiere.  In other words, you can import a composition from After Effects into Premiere, then if you need to revise the After Effects comp, it automatically updates in Premiere!  No more rendering, import, and replace footage!  For you non-editors out there, this is HUGE!  I mean HUGE!!!!  Every Adobe software connects to the other and when you change it in one software package, it changes it in the other.  It’s a whole new ball game.

This powerful editing platform leverages the power of the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of products into one unified video production powerhouse…or so it shall be…one day.  I have unfortunately found this whole setup to be a bit buggy at present.  When it works it is astonishing. When it doesn’t (which is frequent) it not so astonishing.  Overall though, I give it high marks. 

Stay with it Adobe!!!!!  You are almost there!

Read more about it:  http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud.html?sdid=KKQWP&kw=semoverview&skwcid=AL!3085!3!39071091760!e!!g!!adobe%20creative%20cloud&ef_id=USAqNwAABdkUEGok:20140325154548:s

David and Kathryn Seay are video producers in the Dallas area.

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