So Long High Definition

Hello Ultra High Definition

Just when you thought it was safe to buy your new TV they hit us with a whole new standard for shooting, editing, and distributing video content.  It goes by many names and has many different variations, but basically its the new video standard known as UHD, or Ultra High Definition for those of us who steer clear of acronyms.  Basically it is a much larger video raster format.  This is a good thing because you can get so much more detail and clarity….that’s also a bad thing.  Read on.

When your video becomes super duper high resolution, you tend to get what is called the, “Soap Opera Effect”.  You may have noticed the difference in picture quality of soap operas looking so different than other types of shows on TV.  This happens when the resolution cranks up and every little detail comes into view.  Our eyes like it better when things are a little softer and depth of field emphasizes the foreground subject.  It is what we have become accustomed to.  With UHD, or 4k as you’ll hear alot, that super duper clarity is there, but through judicious color correction and video post production techniques, we can keep the good parts and de-emphasize the not so good parts.  In short, we have more control in video post production.

Here is a great overview article about this new technology:

As for corporate video production, 4k is awesome!  You can project a crystal clear perfect image the size of a drive in movie screen.  Imagine that at your next trade show or live event.  Also with such high resolution, computer graphics and animation will look more like what you see on a computer screen than what they look like on a video monitor.

So get ready for 4k, soon it will be all you hear about.

David and Kathryn Seay are video producers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area

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